StarFront training is offered by Stargate, the designers and developers of StarFront. There are currently three courses available: (Click on the course to view the specific course outline)

         StarFront Introduction Course (For users new to StarFront or new to the Aluminium Industry)

         StarFront Beginner's Course Outline (For users who have used StarFront a little and who know the Aluminium Industry)

         StarFront Intermediate Course Outline (For users who know StarFront but now want to learn the advanced features and understand how to adjust designs so that they do not fail)

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         Systems Training Schedules (Practical Courses given by Wispeco)

Here is some feedback from people who have attended the training courses given by Stargate:


"I would just like to say, this is by far the best venue, course content and presentation we had in a long time. Stephen was very helpful and precise! I was very impressed what the program can do now that I had proper training! Please send us dates of the next level 2 course. We would like to attend! Have a great day!"

"I can just give back more than enough good news. The venue were the best and Stephen did a great job. We understand the program better and will be back in the future. Thank you'

"The course content is excellent, but the time given for the beginners course is way too short. I recommend 2 day for the beginners course, even if it means you raise the fees. At this rate , only fast learnser like sopme of us will really benefit. I would also suggets more practicals in the course, a feed back evaluation shhet that should be given to participants to fill immediately at the ened of the course."

"Training was very good and Stephen did a good job. The only problem that were very annoying is that there were people on the course that didnít even know what  a glazing bead was, so Stephen had to explain a whole lot more than what he was supposed to. He had a lot of patience by doing that, great job Stephen. Unfortunately or fortunately I have to attend another course because those people that had no Aluminium experience wasted a lot of our time . In future my advice is that if people have got no aluminium back ground should be on a separate course."