Software Requirements

StarFront runs on the following MS-Windows operating systems:

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 7/8
Microsoft Windows 10

StarFront is NOT compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista

Although not essential, a copy of Microsoft Office is required to access certain spreadsheets available in the program.

Working on Windows 7/8/10

The easiest way to get StarFront running properly on Windows 7 is to do one of the two options below:

         Right click on the StarFront icon on the desktop and select 'Run as Administrator' each time you run StarFront, or

         Right click on the StarFront icon on the desktop, select 'Properties' then select 'Advanced'. Tick the checkbox 'Run as Administrator'. Save the settings, and then run StarFront normally by double-clicking on the StarFront icon.

Hardware Requirements

The following is the recommended hardware specification for StarFront.

Intel i5 Processor
320GB Hard Disk Drive
17" LCD Monitor (1024x768)
DVD Drive
Keyboard & Mouse
Modern Inkjet or Laser Printer

If you are unsure of your current hardware specifications, please contact Stargate.