Pre Requisites

StarFront Beginner's Course (SBC)

There are NO formal pre-requisites for the SBC, but basic knowledge of the following would be an advantage:

  • Basic knowledge of terms use in the aluminium industry, such as mullion, transom, sash etc
  • Very basic knowledge of using a computer program on a MS-Windows based PC
  • Basic understanding of the extrusion systems available from Wispeco, such as casement windows, sliding windows and doors and shop fronts.

StarFront Intermediate Course (SIC)

The formal pre-requisite for the SIC would be the successful completion of the SBC.

It is advised that the user also has 2 two 3 months experience with using StarFront before attending the SIC.

Although it is possible, under certain circumstances, to attend the SIC without having attended the SBC, is is NOT recommended.

It is also possible to attend the SBC and the SIC on two successive days although it must be understood that the delegate will not receive full benefit from the SIC as they do not have the necessary experience in using StarFront.

Is therefore NOT recommended that two consecutive days are attended, unless the delegate has prior experience with StarFront and wants to attend both the SBC and the SIC.