Starfront Intermediate Course

The StarFront Intermediate Course (SIC) is aimed at user's who are familiar with StarFront but want to get the maximum benefit from their program. The course covers all the topics NOT covered in the SBC plus advanced designs, creation of standard design libraries, interface to CAD and advanced configuration and settings.

The following is an outline of the topics covered in the SBC.

Relationship between Wispeco and Stargate.
Purpose of the Intermediate course.
What problems have been experienced with StarFront
Were any ‘bugs’ found in the program
Were any ‘bugs’ found in the cutting lists
What improvements can be made to StarFront
What extrusion systems need to be added to StarFront
What designs were the users not able to do on StarFront
What additional configurations can be added to help in the design process
What additional automations would assist during the design
What additional reports are required
Any other suggestions on how StarFront can be improved.
Inertia Calculations
  • Explain the factors that affect the required inertia
    working with the Inertia Spreadsheet
Setting up StarFront’s Costing
  • Costing Screen
    Costing Details
    Fabricator Spreadsheet
    Fabricator Example
    Advanced Costing Settings
Advanced Program Settings
  • Explanation of all the advanced program settings.
Working with Contracts
  • Copy Contracts
    Merge Contracts
    Copying Designs within Contracts
    Copying Designs across Contracts
    Contribution per System
    Adding Sections to a Design
    Adding Hardware to a Design
Working with Reports
  • The ‘save to file’ feature.
Working with Standards
  • Using Standards Configurations
    Creating Own Standard Configurations
    Creating a Standard Price List
Other Program Features
  • Logoff
    System Options
    Hardware Defaults
    Handle Styles
    User Configuration
    Analyse Glass
    Email Facility
Interface to Pastel
  • Setting up Pastel Inventory File
    Interfacing to StarFront
Explanation of how to access and use the CAD drawings generated by StarFront
Explanation of how StarFront works in a networked environment.
Setting up StarFront on a network.
Advantages of using StarFront on a network.
How to export data from StarFront and import it into another application.
Inserting a glass panel
Changing the glass in some of the inserts openings
Changing frame options on a design
Changing insert options on a design
Working with standard sash sizes
Designing a complex configuration using multiple frames (eg. Patio door with sidelight)
Explanation of what the future holds for StarFront and news on future releases of StarFront.
Question and answer session to discuss any concepts, designs and problems experienced with StarFront. This also acts as a forum to help steer future versions of StarFront.

Please note that although this course outline seems substantially shorter than the SBC, these are advanced concepts which require detail description on live demonstrations to get the points across.